Frequently Asked Questions about our assets and requesting plans

Why can’t I see the sewer pipes / how do I get a map of sewer pipes?

South East Water is a clean water only company, and therefore does not own any sewer/foul/surface water pipes.
To obtain a map of these foul water pipes, please do contact your sewerage provider. Your sewerage provider will either be Southern Water or Thames Water if you are a South East Water customer; if you are not sure, please do check your bill or use the website to find your provider.

Is an asset plan the same as a water map?

It is indeed. Some people call them maps, others plans, and they will show the assets owned by South East Water - the water mains.

What is a supply pipe?

A supply pipe is the pipe that connects to the mains and then runs through and into your property to supply your property with water. Supply pipes are not always individually owned, as per the diagram, a supply pipe can be the shared ownership of multiple properties. Supply pipes are not owned by water companies and are the responsibility of the houses they supply.

How deep are supply pipes?

Supply pipes are usually between 600mm – 1 meter deep; this is a guideline only. Not all supply pipes are laid by the water company and so the depth may vary.

How can I locate my supply pipe?

To locate your supply pipe, you will require a plumber. It is advised that you enquire after your meter location first to give the plumber a starting point.

They will then be able to trace the pipe for you. To get a Free Quote from Waterlink about locating your supply pipes, please phone tel: 0333 000 0058 (option 1) or email

How can I locate my meter?

You meter will not show upon an asset plan. However, the location of your meter should be detailed on your account: if you phone South East Water's Customer Services, they will be able to read out the description of your meter location.

Alternatively, if your meter location says ‘unknown’ or you are still unable to locate it from the description given, please do phone the South East Water's Customer Technical Centre on 0333 000 1100 to request an ‘asset locate’.

How can I locate my stop-tap?

Your external stop-tap should be located next to your water meter. If your property is not metered and you cannot locate your stop-cock, please do phone the South East Water's Customer Technical Centre on 0333 000 1100 to request an ‘asset locate’.

How long does it take for me to receive my map?

Although our Automatic Reply states that it may take 3-4 working days for you to receive a reply;
more often than not we reply to emails on the same day they are sent if it is within working hours. Your map will be created and sent to you (usually via email) within 15 minutes of processing your payment.

What format can I receive my map in?

We send all maps via email in PDF format. If you are unable to receive emails, we are able to send your map via post (A4 & A3 only); however PDF format is recommended as it allows for zooming in and is received quicker.

How much does a map cost?

Maps are charged at £14.64 (incl. VAT) per map regardless of size – thus an A4 1:1250 map, costs the same as an A1 1:3000 map.

However, if the area is too large to fit on a single A1 map at a scale of 1:3000, then we will quote you for how many maps will be required to cover your area.

What will my map show?

South East Water asset plans show the main clean water pipework and fittings that are owned by South East Water only.

It will not show meters, or private supply pipes and stop-taps as these are not owned by South East Water. It will also not show sewer/foul/surface water pipes as these will be owned by the sewerage water company.

What is a sluice valve

A sluice valve is a fitting that the water company can use to divert the water flow when needed. This does not affect your water supply and will not affect the value of your house.

What is a Washout?

A Washout is a fitting that the water company can use to wash out the water should it be needed. This does not affect your water supply and will not affect the value of your house.

How close to a pipe may I dig/build?

It is recommended that you speak to Developer Services before undertaking any work that may interfere with South East Water assets.

The recommendation is that you do not get closer than 1.5 meters when digging; however, the restriction for building may be greater than this.

How deep is the pipe?

The depth of pipes does not show on the maps due to space restrictions. If the depth of the pipe is required, please do contact us on and enquire.

How accurate is the map?

The asset plans are to be used as guidance only. Although every effort is taken to ensure that maps are accurate to within 1 meter, the position of the mains on the plan should not be relied upon as being precise. South East Water accept no responsibility in the event of inaccuracy.

How can I find out if there is an easement in place?

If an easement is in place, then there should be a record of it either in your deeds or available at the registry office.

Can I reproduce the map to give to various workmen?

The plans may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of South East Water.

Is the Waterlink Mapping Department separate from other South East Water Departments?

Waterlink is a commercial division of South East Water. Although part of South East Water, Waterlink have their own offices and cannot discuss your South East Water billing accounts with you.

For information about your water bill, please contact South East Water directly. South East Water's head office is based in Snodland, Kent; whereas Waterlink have their own site based in Aylesford, Kent.